PaySpace Website & Tutorials Launched


PaySpace has gone live with their new look PaySpace website which strategically accompanies the release of the first two videos that form part of an ongoing ‘PaySpace Tutorial and Thought Leadership’ series.

The new website and video series are designed to offer viewers greater product insight, direct business benefits and step by step visualisation or process breakdown, explaining each product in detail.

The video series will be dedicated to pertinent industry and product information, and education.  The structure of the video will help educate users on the company, terminology, important security based compliances’ and updates, plus an in-depth look at related product objectives and how they assist HCM and Payroll departments.

The first video offers a detailed overview of PaySpace’s ISO27001 Certification – “the International Standard which has been prepared to provide requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system,” a first for any African Payroll & HR based organisation. The certification means that PaySpace has achieved a level of security certification that is recognised globally by 178 countries and is the only African-based true Cloud solution to do so.

The 2nd video released by PaySpace takes viewers through one of their recently announced products called OrgCharts, a revolutionary tool to help clients electronically visualise their workforce structure/s.   The tool boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface which allows users to view and navigate their entire workforce structure through a browser environment, without the need of unnecessary downloads or 3rd party software installations.

Bruce van Wyk, Director for PaySpace says of the new announcements, “With the prominence within the local and African media landscape, as a brand that essentially markets ourselves on being ahead of the tech game – more specifically in cloud-native space, it’s important that we build our marketing ‘mechanics’ around what our clients want to see.  Information, systems and self-education dedicated to improved organisational or operational efficacy is imperative for business growth both locally and aboard. Companies that are able to standardise this approach for their entire business, regardless of where they’re based or what industry they operate within, will prove to significantly reduce operational expenditure – a term any global company wants to hear in light of the current international economic climate, and we’re enabling this opportunity through our new look website that supports the launch of our video series.”

Accompanying these videos available on the PaySpace Channel, or via their new website,, is an overview of the inspiring initiative they’ve chosen to endorse with WeThinkCode whereby PaySpace, who sponsor the technological skill development of talented South Africans under the guidance of the company, plan to help uplift and empower the next generation of problem solvers by offering mentorship guidance and a one year internship at PaySpace on qualification completion.

PaySpace plan to add to their video series on a regular basis to become a credible content hub that will act as a guide for companies and individuals working across the HCM sector.

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