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PaySpace Loads Sandra Crous as new Managing Director onto their Payroll

Sandra Crous PaySpace Managing Director

PaySpace, the leader in true cloud-native Payroll and Human Capital Management Software, has appointed Sandra Crous (née Swanepoel) as its new Managing Director, effective 1 April 2019.

Crous has, over many years in the industry, made a name for herself in the Payroll sector, driven by a passion for technology that made her an ideal candidate for the position of MD, and a perfect fit for PaySpace’s cloud-first approach.

This move follows an impressive 32-year run at Sage in South Africa, where she fulfilled diverse roles including Sales Director, later taking up the helm as Vice-President for Mid-market Africa and Middle East. Over this period, she oversaw significant revenue growth in the entire mid-market segment, augmenting the company’s reputation and client base in the Middle East, and managing both Direct and Indirect sales teams across the region.

“Of course, I had heard of PaySpace and been in touch with them several times over the years. Digitisation of Payroll and HR processes has been so much a part of my career from the very beginning, and the thought of helping to innovate on a cloud-native, tech-first product really got me excited,” said Crous.

For Sandra, timing is everything; and the match between her own career and the aspirations of this rising player in the payroll industry could not have been better.

Her chief focus at PaySpace will be increasing the business’s market share throughout Africa, where PaySpace already serves over 4,100 clients across 40 countries and more than 65 industries. With more African businesses embracing digitisation and doing more cross-border business than ever, the legislative and compliance hurdles faced can be a serious risk

“PaySpace has proven itself as a software supplier with successful statutory legislation across Africa, meaning that legislative compliance is assured, no matter where you are situated. This product really does cater to every market, and that’s what growing African economies need.”

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