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PaySpace Wins Global Payroll Association Software Supplier of the Year Award

Payroll Software Supplier of the Year

The PaySpace team is thrilled to have been recognised as the 2019 Payroll Software Supplier of the Year at the Global Payroll Awards’ annual ceremony, held recently in Budapest, Hungary. The Awards, which are run by the Global Payroll Association, celebrate technical excellence and professional development amongst companies and their payroll teams operating internationally.

The fact that PaySpace is also the first African business to win ‘Payroll Software Supplier of the Year’ is more than a point of pride for us – it’s a signal that Africa can undeniably claim its place among the world’s most accomplished economies, and affirms that PaySpace is well-positioned to continue driving this transformation globally.

Today, innovating and moving forward in business is partly a function of embracing technology and putting it to the best possible use in an industry. That is why, since day one, it has been PaySpace’s goal to establish itself as a world-class, truly cloud-native payroll software that not only helps businesses digitise their Payroll and HR functions, but is also easy and intuitive to use, as well as being accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes.

“Our confidence in our product has been constant and unshakeable, and we could not be prouder to see how PaySpace has been helping customers make a positive change to their businesses locally and beyond our borders over the years,” says Bruce van Wyk, Director at PaySpace Payroll and HR.

There has been a seismic shift in how African businesses are managing their payroll and engage with their staff. As the world turns its attention to Africa as the new frontier of international business, the enterprises of the continent must be empowered with the right tools needed to make the most of every opportunity, and this applies to all functions in the business from Payroll and HR to Marketing and Finance.



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