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Cloud Analytics: Custom Payroll & HR Reports


Our Cloud Analytics toolset has become very popular and delivered tremendous value to clients that are already using it.

Users are creating powerful dashboards and custom reports for themselves that encompass unique business requirements. To date, Cloud Analytics was only available to admin type users who have full access to a company or pay frequency. Lower level HR and business managers who have restricted access based on the company’s org structure i.e. they are only able to see a certain division, were not able to use Cloud Analytics – now they are!

We are pleased to announce that you can now offer Cloud Analytics to lower level users in your organisation who would also gain tremendous value by being able to obtain fast answers, uncover hidden trends, pursue insights and make discoveries that drive key people decision making. Cloud Analytics will now consider any restricted org level permissions for users and only show employee data based on the org units and regions that they have access to, as configured on PaySpace.

New Incident Management Dashboard

We have also included a pre-configured dashboard (see screenshot below) for our Incident Management module that will allow a user to be able to analyse disciplinary actions as well as other incidents.

Cloud Analytics Dashboard

Users will be able to:

Analyse the number of disciplinary offences – grouped by org level i.e. department, business unit, cost center etc.

Analyse the number of disciplinary offences that resulted in a dismissal – grouped by org level.

Quickly identify the top 8 offences and see their outcomes at a glance.

Quickly see top 10 departments with the most incidents.

Filter and drill down on any field to analyse exact info and pick up trends.

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