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Tax Indaba 2017: expand your business across Africa


An increasing number of South African businesses are expanding into Africa. This presents many exciting opportunities, but is not without its legislative challenges. At this year’s Tax Indaba, taking place from 11-15 September, PaySpace will discuss how businesses can expand across the continent and stay compliant at all times.

No two countries are the same; Kenya’s tax system for example, is very different to South Africa’s. If you want to do business north of the border, you need to set up your payroll systems to comply with the local regulations in each country.

This is easier said than done. Local languages, business customs and limited access to information can all hinder a company’s expansion plans. Many businesses run into compliance issues unwittingly – and unfortunately, ignorance is no defence.

Through attending PaySpace’s presentation at the Tax Indaba, you will learn:

  • What questions to ask to ensure you have all the information you need to be legislatively compliant.
  • What you need to do to get this information as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • What measures you can put in place to ensure you find out about legislative changes timeously.

Attend our presentation on Tuesday 12 September for tips to help your company further its expansion plans without being held back by unnecessary regulatory delays. Or if you’re unable to attend the presentation you can also meet us at stand 4.

Don’t miss it!

This event is the largest annual tax gathering in Africa and promises to be bigger and better than ever before. It’s put together by the South African tax community for fellow tax practitioners, technicians, academics and policy-makers, and involves the majority of Tax Professional Bodies.

The Tax Indaba aims to enhance knowledge and strengthen industry networks. It will shed light on the South African tax climate, International Tax Legislation, and Employee & Corporate Tax. The conference programme is jam-packed; featuring keynote speakers from the major auditing and accounting firms based in South Africa. It’s an unmissable event that offers the opportunity to network and connect with the major players in the tax space. As a trusted industry partner, PaySpace will be attending to get the latest information on tax industry trends and share our legislative compliance knowledge with others.

Sign up for the Tax Indaba today and meet the PaySpace team at stand 4. While you’re there, make sure you attend PaySpace presentation on how to expand into Africa – we can help you keep your business compliant in 37 African countries.

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