Organisation Structures

Organisation Structures of your company – In all its Various Dimensions

PaySpace enables companies to accurately model their company Organisation Structures as well as provide information based on any organisational dimension.

PaySpace gives companies the ability to accurately represent their organisation’s structure and act on relative information in a timely manner. If organisations have a very simplistic structure, PaySpace hide the involved fields to allow users to capture information quickly.

PaySpace enables companies to capture, track, and report on the current state of their business with confidence in the accuracy and relevance of their data.

  • Multiple Organisation Types – PaySpace support limitless organisational types which can all exist simultaneously and be updated independently from each other. Types include: company, department, region, division, cost centre, business site and more.
  • Flexible Reporting Dimensions – Each organisational type can be used to segment data about the company. For instance, users can analyse spending patterns by department, division, cost centre or region – instantly.
  • Segmented Security Access – Organisations allow more flexible distribution of responsibilities, allowing different individuals to have rights pertinent to specifically assigned organisation units. Administrators can be granted access by individual department, region, group, or any other organisational dimension.
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