PaySpace Announces Sponsorship of A1Padel PaySpace Cape Town Master in Cape Town – The Fastest Growing Sport Meets the Fastest Growing Payroll & HR Solution

A1Padel PaySpace Cape Town Master

We are excited to announce that PaySpace will be the title sponsor for the upcoming A1Padel PaySpace Cape Town Master 2023  world tour event kicking off in Cape Town, South Africa. Taking place from February 13th to 19th, the tournament will feature some of the top professional padel players from around the world competing at the picturesque Camps Bay sports field, with the Twelve Apostles and Lion’s Head forming part of the dramatic backdrop. The event will allow fans and spectators to witness top-level play and an exciting array of activities and events at the venue. A VIP lounge, a festival area including live music, a large screen to watch the action and opportunities to meet and interact with the players.

This sponsorship aligns with PaySpace’s own journey as a company, as it is currently the fastest-growing payroll and HR solution in Africa. Like Padel, PaySpace is disrupting a dated industry by offering a modern, accessible, and user-friendly solution to customers across the continent.

Padel’s explosive growth worldwide and in South Africa was a major factor in our decision to sponsor the event. Not only is it the world’s fastest-growing sport, but it also shares many similarities with PaySpace. The game has removed all the friction related to taking up a racquet sport by conveniently offering anyone the opportunity to play. By simply downloading the Playtomic app, players can book any court in SA and rent a Padel racquet, so they do not need to invest immediately if they do not want to. Similarly, PaySpace’s modern architecture allows customers to use the solution without the need to install and maintain any software, allowing them to implement it at a fraction of the time and cost of legacy systems.

We are also excited about the connections between Padel as a sport and PaySpace as a product. Both are stronger, faster, quicker, and more agile than traditional options. Padel has unique court design, rules, and playing techniques, just as PaySpace has numerous unique product differentiators over competitors. In addition, our WhatsApp employee self-service channel, Pacey, is groundbreaking and an industry-first.

This sponsorship represents a significant investment in the future of Padel in South Africa and a commitment to promoting the sport at the highest level. Tennis and squash have not been able to attract top-level players to tournaments in South Africa, and we believe this event will change that. We look forward to seeing Padel grow and evolve in the coming years, and we’re honoured to be a part of that journey.

Come and join us in Cape Town for an unforgettable experience, don’t miss out on this opportunity!