Solving Payroll, HR and Tax Compliance Issues in Africa

Payroll HR Tax Compliance Africa

Business in Africa is booming thanks to a host of new investment opportunities, and companies around the globe are eyeing the continent as a good place to grow their global footprints. PaySpace understands the various challenges businesses face when integrating payroll, HR and dealing with tax compliance and legislation in Africa.

Expanding any business into a foreign country isn’t easy, and this is particularly true of Africa, with its 54 countries in Africa, each of which has its own set of rules and regulations, governmental controls, languages and cultural nuances.

Any organisation wanting to set up shop in Africa must adhere to local legislation and keep in line with the statutory compliance of each country it operates in. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realise that local laws are updated often, and companies can be charged with non-compliance if they don’t make the needed amendments in time.

It’s no surprise then, that people believe that maintaining compliance in Multiple countries is a daunting task, particularly when it comes to payroll legislation in a foreign country.

It needn’t be, PaySpace offers local and expatriate multi-country and Multi-currency to more than 40 African countries. In fact, PaySpace’s offering gives customers a 100% true cloud payroll and HR system with built-in, up-to-date, country-specific legislation and compliance.

Even better, it doesn’t matter if your payroll is processed from one, central location, from decentralised offices or is completely outsourced, the software is accessible to all users who have internet access, via any device, making compliance in Africa child’s play.

If your business is expanding into Africa, remember you do not need to be a Tax expert across multiple countries, the only thing you need is a Payroll & HR system that has dedicated Compliance teams to make your life easier. At PaySpace we pride ourselves in taking the complexity out of legislation, helping companies to use technology to their advantage.


About Corné Welman

Head of Compliance at PaySpace Corné is held in high regard as an Employees’ Tax expert with over 18 years’ experience in payroll project support management, organisational development, HR practices and legislative compliance. Corné is currently leading the compliance team at PaySpace, ensuring legislative compliance for all customers across 40+ African countries, an EXCO member of the Payroll Authors Group (PAG) and she cares passionately about the issues facing African businesses. Email : [email protected] LinkedIn :é-welman

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