Position Management with Accurate Job Information

Developing and defining accurate job descriptions as well as various requirements for each of the positions in the company, plays an important role when measuring an employee’s performance and when the need arises, to recruit for a particular position.

PaySpace give companies the ability to store information relating to a position that includes overall purpose of the job, what grade the job is attached to, who the position reports to, what occupational category, and level the position falls under which is critical for employment equity reporting as well as other such compliance.

PaySpace is not just an HR system, it is a comprehensive Human Capital Management solution.

Companies are able to define the following detailed requirements and information for a position

  • Skills Requirements – Indicate exactly what skills are required, how many years’ experience, what level of competency and how important the skill is for the position by indicating a weighting figure.
  • Qualification Requirements – Record the minimum qualification requirements.
  • Outputs or Tasks – Define all duties or tasks that is expected of a position so that employees are aware of what they will be measured on when it is appraisal time.
  • Competency Requirements – Depending on which competency framework your company utilises, you are able to indicate what competencies are required for a position. This greatly assists in driving an interview in terms of what questions are asked to a candidate.
  • Other Requirements – Record any additional requirements that do not fall into the categories above such as the position required a drivers license. PaySpace is not just a HR system, it is a comprehensive Human Capital Management solution.