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There are many reasons why you might consider changing your payroll software provider. Perhaps you have experienced the following with your current provider:

If you answer yes to any of these statements… it’s time to switch!

Why do customers choose PaySpace?

Customers prioritise human interaction when they most want to feel understood and heard by a business. When customers are looking for problem-solving assistance with an issue they are experiencing, they will contact a business via telephone and look to speak directly with a person. PaySpace believes that staying ‘humanly’ connected with people, and adding a human touch, is vital to nurturing and sustaining long-lasting relationships with customers.

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Payroll experts at your service

PaySpace provides an intuitive, easy-to-use online user experience for everyone, from superusers to end-users. Through automated processes and the guidance of in-product help functions, PaySpace supports payroll and HR divisions to process information swiftly and accurately. All legislation is automated and updated by PaySpace. As a result, customers need not worry about understanding complex legislative rules. You will always be on the latest and correct version of the tax tables and legislative rules applicable to your country selection when you log on.

Payroll Support Your Way

We also understand the complexities surrounding certain companies’ pay structures. We appreciate that there is no standard one size fits all approach to payroll. To ensure you receive the best payroll support, we are available to you through various channels to assist with these requirements. We encourage you also to attend our payroll training courses to empower yourself with the skills necessary to utilise PaySpace to maximum advantage.

PaySpace payroll support in numbers

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CSAT for 2022

When surveyed after interacting with our support team, 98% of our customers were satisfied with the service they received.

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Average waiting time

On average, support calls are answered within 20 seconds.

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First response time on tickets

Our support team strives to ensure a first response time on support tickets within
1 hour.

PaySpace offers our customers the following payroll support options:

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Standard Support

Support for all customers who have South Africa as a Tax country.

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Africa Support

Support for all other African Countries excluding South Africa.

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Priority Support

A personalised support service channel that offers customers the option to speak to a select support team each time they require support. As a result, the Priority Support Consultants know the customer’s setup and background and form close relationships with customers.

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We ensure legislative payroll compliance through a dedicated compliance team responsible for interpreting and implementing legislative requirements for PaySpace software. Our support teams have direct access to our compliance teams allowing for swift resolution of compliance-related queries.

PaySpace Payroll Support Channels

Through the capabilities of PaySpace software, our support team can view all of your configuration settings, unique setup criteria, organisation and employee data directly from our support centre and, as a result, can provide advice or support immediately. This significantly reduces the time taken to resolve any query or issue.

No limit on the number of payroll support related calls that can be submitted.

No limit on the number of payroll support related emails that can be submitted.

Our employee self-service bot that will assist your employees with payroll and HR requests via WhatsApp.

Online Customer Portal 24/7: around-the-clock access.

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Additional expert payroll support and services

PaySpace enables users to increase their knowledge and skills by providing additional services relevant to a well-organised payroll function.

PaySpace Payroll & HR Consulting Services offer expert consultants with years of experience in the Human Resources and Payroll industry, leveraging best practices from thousands of successful implementations. Our consultants have direct access to our product and technology development teams allowing for quick, efficient implementations.

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Payroll & compliance training empowers you to use the PaySpace software to its full capability. We offer various payroll & compliance training options to meet your needs, from eLearning at your own pace to onsite training. Whether you are new to PaySpace or an experienced user, our courses follow a basic, advanced and practical design to expand your PaySpace knowledge. Join our expert lecturers in an informal and hands-on approach to support you in becoming an expert on PaySpace.

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The Annual and Bi-annual Tax Seminars are presented to customers by knowledgeable tax industry experts who understand the impact of legislation on the payroll and HR industry. The seminars cover a wide range of important topics, ensuring that your company complies with the latest employment-related payroll legislation.

Coming soon – Labour Seminar – Keeping you up to date with all the latest information, practical guidance, and understandings you need to design and manage your employment policies and practices.

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We take care of all payroll-related activities so that you can have the freedom and flexibility to focus on growing your business. We have a dedicated team to ensure that your payroll runs on time, every time. Our payroll outsourcing team handles legislative frameworks for 40+ African countries and currencies while adhering to POPIA and GDPR requirements.

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At the core of PaySpace’s success is a team of strategic thinking, innovative, talented, and passionate colleagues changing how payroll is done globally. We officially launched the HERO initiative in August 2020, offering free training for payroll professionals to expand their skill sets and help them future-proof their careers.

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