African Tax Information

PaySpace has successfully rolled out the most recent detailed tax information for 2016 financial year relating to seven African countries, have been released across the PaySpace platform. Clients that have entities in these countries received comprehensive information pertaining to all of the changes.


Changes in these countries came in to effect from 1 December 2015 and through PaySpace’s real-time, multi-tenant environment, was updated instantly including details on tax tables that are already reflecting across all relevant PaySpace profiles – all of which are 100% compliant with each country’s legislative tax infrastructure.


“Being able to deliver prompt system rollout is imperative for any true cloud based service offering,” says George Karageorgiades, Head of Payroll and Compliance for PaySpace. “Delivering this sort of information – which has direct and immediate implications on HR and Payroll processes, as soon as it becomes available, sets true cloud vendors apart.”

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