Building the HR heroes of the future


The past 24 months has seen many people lose their income and scores of organisations close their doors. With this in mind, PaySpace introduced their Hero Programme at the beginning of 2021 to help involve young adults in the workforce and create employment.

With the Hero Programme, individuals undergo intense training on PaySpace’s software for a month, and then gain five months’ practical experience working in the company’s call centre.

From there, their work ethic and how well they applied themselves is considered, among other factors, and exceptional candidates are offered the opportunity to apply for a job at PaySpace.

To date, 21 individuals have completed the training, and PaySpace has offered every single one of them a permanent job. For PaySpace, business has been booming during these dire economic times, and by making people more marketable, all of them have been onboarded.

The purpose of the Hero Programme

These initiatives are critical as they give people an opportunity to learn and become more employable. All of those who have applied for the Hero Programme have been well-qualified, yet were still without jobs. Once they’ve completed the training, they understand not only how payroll works, but become highly trained on PaySpace’s cloud product, and gain the necessary knowledge and experience.

The ‘heroes’ are not limited to working at PaySpace but would also be qualified to work at any organisation that uses the company’s payroll solutions. All the participants wanted to learn, work hard, and prove themselves. They were all positive and grateful for the opportunity, and shined during the training sessions.

The trainees aren’t the only ones to have benefited. The programme has contributed to the growth of PaySpace, too. Because the company is growing rapidly, giving individuals the exposure with the training and within the call centre, we could employ a skilled workforce to help us as we grow.

A word from the trainees

Marishka Achari, one of the trainees now employed by PaySpace, calls the Hero Programme a ‘lifesaver’. “At my previous job, I lost my contract in May 2021, and only had until the end of June to find alternative employment. I had studied HR management, but I couldn’t get a job in the field, so I went into a contact centre, but I didn’t get to really use my degree. Then, I heard about the Hero Programme.”

She says now, she is applying what she’s learned and working with an amazing team. “Everyone is great, and this has been the most fantastic opportunity to learn. I have also had a real opportunity to spread my wings and explore my passion for development and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).”

Marishka says the opportunity came at the perfect time. “It is always a worry when you lose a job that you’ll sit for months on end, and this saved me. I have made great connections with fellow trainees and have built a strong support group, too.”

Another trainee, Keitumetse Koitsiwe, says the programme has given him a fresh start. “I wake up each morning with a smile on my face. I am grateful to PaySpace, for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a great company and to be able to advance my career in the payroll and HR space.”

He says he has built real relationships through teamwork, too. “During the training we all had to work with each other, and you learn to ask for help. During breaks we chatted with our fellow trainees and got to know each other really well. We worked together to get certified, and it was wonderful to share that experience with others in the group. We learned to share perspectives and help each other in areas they might have missed. It was all virtual, so having a team was really helpful.”

Keitumetse says working for PaySpace is a dream come true, particularly as a recent graduate. “I was actively looking for a job, and it really helped.”

He offers some advice to future heroes out there. “Be yourself. It’s a much easier way to fit in with the company, and to remember that you were given this opportunity for a reason.”