Discover the benefits of cloud

Benefits Of Cloud

In a world defined by rapid digitalisation and a flatter economic outlook, all businesses are seeking new ways to do more – with less.  More growth, more clients, more revenue – with a fixed or even declining cost base – all of which are made possible by the growth of ‘on-demand’ and ‘as-a-service’ digital technologies.

Human capital, however, is often the last area within which businesses apply any type of technology innovation initiatives. Strange, when you consider that employee expenses are often one of the largest cost items on the income statement.  Yet most payroll and HR management platforms are often legacy-based and in constant need of upgrade patches and manual interventions.

Surely this effort could be better spent on value-adds such as data analytics to optimise employee performance or workforce planning – to ensure that your business is suitably geared up to capitalise on market opportunities.  Enter PaySpace… A leader in cloud-native Payroll & HR software in Africa – designed to provide multi-country, multi-currency, multi-language solutions to organizations of all sizes and industries.

PaySpace and the benefits of cloud

PaySpace is a true cloud application, fully harnessing all the benefits of cloud technology. Its single-instance, multi-tenanted platform allows for country-specific, built-in legislative compliance in more than 40 countries across Africa.  The solution leverages the limitless scalability and world-class security of the Azure platform to ensure that client data is protected and the pricing benefits of not having to maintain underlying infrastructure are passed directly through to clients.

But it’s not only about technology. PaySpace is passionate about its customers and the service delivered to them. It’s one of the reasons why PaySpace has been trusted to build solutions for some of the country’s most well-known brands.

PaySpace – the perfect partner for today’s Payroll and HR Software needs

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