Power through load shedding with cloud payroll and HR solutions

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Is there a more inconvenient time to lose power than at month-end? Businesses rely on crucial activities, such as payroll processing and HR functions, to keep operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, when load shedding occurs, these essential tasks come to a halt, leaving payroll and HR staff overwhelmed by the sudden disruption.

The solution to this challenge lies in the cloud. A cloud-native payroll platform ensures that payroll and HR activities remain accessible online, even in the absence of power. This means staff can securely log in from anywhere, using any device. Data remains safe and uncorrupted, ensuring business continuity even during load shedding.

Heinrich Swanepoel, Head of Growth at PaySpace, emphasises the advantages of cloud platforms, as a ‘no-brainer’. Cloud platforms not only provide a workaround for load shedding but they also establish business continuity and support remote working.

Avoid Delays in Salary Payments

Traditional on-premise software relies on specific computers within the business premises. Even if the data centre has backup power, office computers often do not. In comparison, cloud software operates differently. As it is hosted in a data centre, it takes away the need for client-side software installation. Users are able to access the platform from various locations from their web browser, using any device, including smartphones or tablets.

Data integrity is another significant benefit. In on-premise setups, power loss during a task can lead to data corruption. Cloud software, however, operates entirely in data centres, this prevents any impact on data integrity when users lose power.

Another key aspect that Heinrich highlights is the continuous processing capabilities of cloud platforms. Once you start a process, it will continue even if the user loses power or connectivity. Your payroll administration remains uninterrupted, turning payroll into a constant process throughout the month.

Enhanced Resilience without the Hefty Price Tag

Cloud platforms significantly improve business resilience without the hefty price tag associated with building and maintaining such capabilities independently. At PaySpace, for instance, we utilise Microsoft Azure data centres, offering resilience, backup, and security features comparable to those relied upon by large global enterprises.

Dispelling Misconceptions about Software Ownership

Despite the advantages of cloud software, some people resist using it for core company activities due to misconceptions. There’s a belief that owning software provides independence and better security, but with the cloud, you get access to what you need, full control over your data, and real security, at a much more affordable price.

Cloud Software: A Catalyst for Business Resilience

In summary, cloud software ensures business functions persist during power outages, enabling work from anywhere on any device. Data remains secure and uncorrupted, even during load shedding. Embracing cloud solutions not only saves costs but also enhances overall business functionality.

As Heinrich says, “The disruptions of load shedding and other problems tell the business world that we need to be more resilient. That’s what you get from the right cloud software.” So, if you’re already benefiting from cloud-based email, extending these advantages to your payroll and HR processes is the next logical step for a more resilient business.

PaySpace Provides all the Online Payroll Benefits and More

PaySpace is an online payroll system that is cloud native. It is able to provide all of the above-mentioned benefits and more, ensuring that your business has a payroll solution that truly works. Contact our team to find out more about how PaySpace can benefit your company. Let us help you fully realise the advantages of online payroll.