Trust in innovation: The human touch behind technology at PaySpace

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the rise of artificial intelligence has become both an opportunity and a concern for business leaders. Amidst the myriad options, Clyde van Wyk, co-founder and director at PaySpace, emphasises a key principle: trust the people behind the technologies.

In a world where innovation is synonymous with staying competitive, he draws a humorous yet insightful parallel to lazy inventors, suggesting that the quest for making things better, faster, and with less effort is what propels innovation.

The Era of Artificial Intelligence

The advent of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), exemplified by models like ChatGPT and Bard, is reshaping how we interact with technology. There is no doubt about the transformative power of large language models, and their ability to democratise technology and put it in the hands of many.

Embracing Advancements: A Business Imperative

Business leaders cannot afford to overlook the advantages brought by innovations like GenAI. Whether it’s automation, systems integration, or remote resource access, these technological enhancements contribute to improved work conditions, efficiency, and productivity.

Navigating the Risks of Innovation

However, incorporating innovative technologies comes with inherent risks and uncertainties. Business leaders often grapple with questions about trust—trust in the technology’s reliability, user adoption, and the overall return on investment. It is possible that the fear of change can lead companies to play it safe and stick to familiar technologies, potentially hindering competitiveness.

The Human Factor in Trust

PaySpace director, Clyde Van Wyk asserts a fundamental principle: trust is about people. Regardless of the age or novelty of a technology, the key to assessing trust lies in evaluating the people who are providing it. At PaySpace, we firmly believe that trust is earned by demonstrating a commitment to understanding and solving customer challenges.

The Challenge of Change in Payroll

Van Wyk draws from his experience with PaySpace to illustrate the delicate balance businesses face when considering disruptive investments. Payroll, often treated like a fragile arrangement, evolves with advancements such as continuous payroll management, automated data collection, versatile reporting, and employee self-service. Despite the benefits, the hesitation to change stems from a fundamental question: Can you trust the change?

Building Trust in Technology Providers

In conclusion, according to van Wyk, the key to trusting technology lies in trusting the people behind it. It’s not merely about the features a technology offers, but about the provider’s ability to listen, understand, and tailor solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

“Don’t trust technology—trust the people behind the technology,” he says. By following this philosophy and aligning with providers who prioritise innovation and customer understanding, businesses can integrate technological advantages with fewer risks and uncertainties.

At PaySpace we advocate for a human-centric approach to technology adoption, emphasising the importance of trust in the people driving technological advancements.

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