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White-Label HR Software: A Brief Explanation

White-label HR software South Africa

White-label HR software is a term used to describe a business purchasing a product (in this case HR software) and re-labelling it as their own. They can typically resell this product as their own or make use of it internally. Within HR and payroll software, this concept has become increasingly popular. This is because businesses find it appealing to purchase an HR or payroll system and label it as their own. This effectively allows them to have their “own” HR and payroll system in a short span of time and without the effort of developing one from scratch.

Why You Should White-Label Time and Attendance Software

Time and attendance software is a large part of HR software. It allows employees to manage and input their own timesheets and saves HR officers and payroll administrators a lot of time. HR software as a whole allows businesses to manage their employees throughout their life-cycle at the company, this includes payroll, which plays a large part in the legalities of employment.

The main benefit when considering white-label time and attendance HR software is that employees will be able to log into the software and have a company-branded experience. Thus, when they log their times, they will see their company’s logo, colours, and other branding elements. This will also occur when they pull up a payslip or email themselves a copy of their payslip. It will, in essence, create brand consistency.

It will also be possible for clients to access your payroll and HR system if need be. Access can be limited to ensure clients only have access to certain information, even when you white-label HR software by PaySpace.

White-Label HR Software and Payroll Support

Even though a white-labelling option will not allow your clients or employees to contact us at PaySpace directly about any payroll or HR issues, you will still be able to contact us for any support needed. At PaySpace, our support system is extensive and enables you to receive comprehensive assistance quickly and easily. Some of the support features we offer include:

  • Support Options: You can contact us via email, phone calls, or employee self-service on WhatsApp. We provide an unlimited amount of service and assistance via email and phone calls. Our employee self-service bot, Pacey, will assist you with your payroll and HR requests via Whatsapp.
  • Priority Support: When contacting us for assistance, you can request specific team members to help you and ensure that you receive personalised assistance from a consultant that already has knowledge of your HR and payroll processes.
  • Legislative Compliance: We have a specialised team whose sole purpose is to keep up to date with new legislation as it comes into effect. They also interpret these legislative changes and implement them on the PaySpace software to ensure that you are always up to date and compliant with minimal effort.

To find out more about how the PaySpace white-label HR software could be beneficial to your business, contact our team.