Zimbabwe USD – NSSA ceiling increase: June 2024

Zimbabwe USD - NSSA ceiling increase

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) announced an update for all employers and stakeholders regarding the maximum insurable earnings per employee. Effective June 1, 2024, the new maximum amount of monthly earnings subject to contributions will be USD 700. 

Contributions may also be payable in ZiG at the prevailing official interbank rate, in accordance with Statutory Instrument 99 of 2024. Payments should continue to be made in the same currency used for employee remuneration, as specified by Statutory Instrument 69 of 2021.

Click here to review the Statutory Instrument 99 of 2024.

NSSA Ceiling Increase 

The NSSA ceiling limit has been updated based on the TCPL rate as issued by the NSSA effective 01 June 2024. 

NSSA Annual Ceiling

NSSA Monthly Ceiling

USD 8 400.00

USD 700.00

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