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7 Reasons Not To Renew Your Legacy Payroll Fees

Legacy Payroll Fees

All departments within businesses are transforming digitally, and human resource management is no different. In fact, this transformation is seeing HR and payroll solutions migrating more and more to cloud-native models. Cloud solutions deliver numerous advantages over traditional solutions that force users to depend on onerous, manual processes and entry, while the cloud is driving entirely new avenues for managing employee data.

Here are 7 reasons to reconsider and review your current payroll & HR solutions before you renew your legacy payroll license fees.

1. Real Availability vs. Legacy Availability

PaySpace is a true cloud solution specifically designed for the modern world. Processing and reconciliation are much faster and more effective compared to the time and resources spent on legacy technology.  Cloud offers anywhere, anytime, any device remote processing at the speed of light.

Our customer said: “I come from a very well-known payroll that has been operating for 30 years, and never thought that I would even want to work on any other system. But PaySpace’s ease of use and convenience changed my life because you can work from anywhere: the office, at home or on holiday.”

2. Innovation vs. Status Quo

PaySpace is an innovative leader and the first to deliver true cloud-defining capabilities, with the use of the latest technology platforms. We have a comprehensive and forward-looking cloud vision.  Legacy solutions were designed to protect the workloads of decades ago, and still lack some of the key capabilities that PaySpace revolutionised.

We automatically load updates weekly, for more than 40 countries on changing legislation. Our solution includes world-class multi-country, multi-currency and multi-language results. PaySpace customers access the latest payroll and HR solutions without having to make or restore backups or download and update software. Our Rest APIs are available to make integrations lightweight, maintainable, and scalable in nature. More and more applications are moving to the Restful architecture.

3. Future Proof vs. Uncertain Future

PaySpace’s growth is in stark contrast with the lagging innovation and in many cases, the declining market share of legacy payroll & HR software providers who are simply hosting their products to extend their shelf life while struggling to stay relevant.  Legacy products are often sold as a true cloud solution, although it is end-of-life products hosted on a server.

4. Simplicity vs. Complexity

Our straightforward approach to a per-employee pay-as-you-use model combined with an effortlessly scalable architecture and agile deployment gets you up and running in no time.
In comparison to legacy solutions that impose monthly upfront licensing fees, the choice is clear.

5. Powerful Capabilities vs. Outdated software

With industry-leading features such as ISO27001 that provide GDPR & POPI compliance, our customers experience capabilities that outdated software can simply not compete with.
Examples of these capabilities include (but are not limited to) manager & employee self-service, interactive performance management and recruitment, cloud analytics and business intelligence, intelligent workflows and guidance and API integrations from every screen and field available in PaySpace.

6. Reliability vs. Guess Work

“Moving over to PaySpace has drastically changed the way we do payroll in that it more than halved the time spent on payroll every month.” – that is the feedback from a PaySpace customer. PaySpace customers report substantially faster processing and less downtime, than legacy solutions. In fact, it’s the #1 reason PaySpace customers choose native cloud software.

7. Customer Satisfaction vs. Frustration

PaySpace’s customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with our product features and functionality, ease of use, technical support and legislative compliance. In fact, our Net Promoter Score shows that 9 out of 10 PaySpace customers WOULD recommend PaySpace to their peers.

Former legacy payroll users tell us they switched to PaySpace for the innovative, legislatively focused, always up-to-date, high-performance benefits that their previous software couldn’t deliver and thereby essentially future-proofed their Payroll and HR office. Customers, partners, industry analysts and media recognize PaySpace as a clear market leader in Payroll & HR that was born in the cloud, offering unique business advantages due to powerful capabilities*

* PaySpace Payroll and HR solution is the only Payroll & HR system in Africa with an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 27001 certification (safe and secure protection of data), as well as been awarded the 2019 Software Supplier of the Year Award by Global Payroll Association in May 2019 and recognised by The Software Report for Top 25 HR Software solutions in April 2019.