Global Payroll Association Awards 2023

Global Payroll Association Awards 2023

Global Payroll Association Awards 2023

It is with great pride that we share the news of two international awards we have received.

 In 2019, we were the first African business to win ‘Payroll Software Supplier of the year’ at the annual Global Payroll AwardsThe awards, established in 2016, celebrate and reward technical excellence, professional development and teamwork within the global payroll industry.

 The submission process is rigorous and this year we were shortlisted in three categories:

  • ‘Payroll Innovation Award 2023’ 
  • ‘Payroll Software Supplier of the Year 2023.’
  • ‘Payroll Consultant of the Year 2023’

 Warren van Wyk, PaySpace Co-founder and Shareholder, attended the awards in Scotland on our behalf, and it certainly wasn’t a wasted trip. More than anything, it is a great chapter in the PaySpace story.

 PaySpace was victorious in two categories, walking away with top honours in the Innovation category and Consultant of the Year.

 Our ESS WhatsApp feature clinched the Innovation award for us. This first-to-market solution has been recognised for the accessibility it provides from any device to entire workforces, enabling quick and easy access to payslips, leave balances, leave applications and approvals, tax certificates and more.

We’re in the business of innovation- it’s at the heart of what we do. Our continued innovation, coupled with our PaySpace ‘black belts, makes us formidable. We’re incredibly proud of Justin Grove for winning Consultant of the Year.

 Justin’s extensive knowledge and expertise in African legislation and compliance have made him an invaluable asset to PaySpace. His ability to implement, innovate and lead world class teams, and ensure compliance with local legislation has been instrumental in ensuring the successful deployment of PaySpace payroll on large multi-national enterprise projects across multiple African countries.

 Congratulations, Justin! In the words of Co-founder and Shareholder, George Karageorgiades, ‘That innovation award is incredible but acknowledging our staff on the global stage is priceless.”

 We’re not in it for the awards but international recognition like this affirms that we’ve achieved what we originally set out to do, and that we are set up for continued success.

We’re privileged that you are on this journey with us.