Investing In Employee Self-Service Payroll

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Employee self-service payroll (ESS Payroll) is essential in modern-day business. Typically, a business will have a department that is dedicated to payroll, or their HR department will perform the task of payroll alongside their other tasks. However, since payroll is already such a complicated and time-consuming task, it becomes problematic when employees are constantly raising requests such as asking for their payslips or an IT declaration to save them on tax (which they are completely in their right to do).

This might seem like a simple task; however, it has been shown that, on average, it takes a person about 25 minutes to return to a task once they have been interrupted. When one takes this into consideration, one can start to understand why constant requests from employees to the payroll team can become problematic.

In this article, we will explore how ESS (Employee Self-Service) Payroll can help those who perform the task of payroll.

What Is ESS In Payroll?

ESS payroll is a software system that allows employees to access and (to a degree) manage certain HR, administrative, and information technology tasks. This takes the burden of these small and distracting tasks away from the staff allocated to payroll and human resources and puts the power in the hands of the user or employee. ESS is a large part of the evolution of payroll and HR services, with it incurring efficiency and accuracy.

The Benefits of ESS Payroll

There is a multitude of benefits that make the move to an employee self-service payroll system an easy choice. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Updated Personal Details: These systems allow employees to update their own personal details as they change; thus, there will not be a delay due to an employee needing to inform the payroll/HR department of the necessary changes and those responsible taking longer than necessary to implement the update.
  • Accurate Hours Worked Counter: Depending on the software, your ESS system could possibly record the hours worked by each employee as indicated by the company’s clocking system.
  • Access to Important Documentation: Employees are able to access any important documents they might need by logging into the system, skipping the process of having to request them from the payroll/HR team.
  • Retrieval of Payroll History: Payroll history is something one needs more often than one might think and often at the most inconvenient times. An ESS system allows employees to access their payroll history with ease, at any time.
  • Leave Management: The task of managing employees’ leave schedules can be time-consuming and becomes more and more overwhelming as organisations grow in size. An ESS payroll system can manage this quickly, efficiently, and accurately without human intervention.
  • Saving Time: All of the previously mentioned benefits allow for payroll/HR departments to save time and become increasingly more efficient.
  • Cost-Effective: Not only does a more efficient environment create an opportunity for higher revenue in the future due to one needing fewer employees to handle the same workload, but an ESS payroll system is relatively cheap.

A Worth While Employee Self-Service Payroll System

PaySpace is a cloud-native payroll system that allows for employee self-service, ensuring that you get the most out of your payroll and HR department. To find out more about how PaySpace can help your business succeed, contact our team.